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Skip navigation. TH8 War Base: Are you searching for here and there to look for defense against your opponents with your town hall 8? If this is the matter then you have landed on the right page because here you will be able to find the best th 8 war. ANTI DRAGON TH8 Townhall 8 War Base Clash of Clans Layout created by guimaion. Try it out in the attack simulator, see previous attacks or modify it with the base builder Strategy Tips Update: 100% Complete, Air Sweeper. 今回はTH8の人におすすめできる配置を3点紹介します。 要点 ・youtubeにあった配置 ・海外クラクラーが考えた配置 ・高評価が多い 配置1 TH8 Farming Base Dark Elixir protecting Base ※前回のアップデート前のもので施設数が サクッと. Top 16 Best TH8 war base Anti Dragons, Gowipe, Hogs, Valks. These Anti 1 Stars and 2 Star Town Hall 8 Layout Designs are really good at defending any.

クラクラ【TH7】王道テンプレ対戦配置 TH8でも見かける対戦配置。テンプレ化されるだけあり、陸軍空軍ともに堅い守りをしてくれます。ダクエリタンクが中心にあるのでファーミングにも使えそうです。完成図はコチラ. Check out the latest th8 war base designs with their copy links below. Traps are not visitble in the below links but you can directly copy them to get layout designs with traps. I hope it helps. Best TH8 War Base Links Anti Everything. Withstood 500 Attacks. Best and Exceptional TH8 Hybrid Base Links With Bomb Tower Anti Everything, Anti Dragons, Anti Giants, Anti Hog, Anti Gowipe 2020. COC best TH8 hybrid base link with bomb tower 2020 new update. 2015/01/17 · I just prefer WT to be in the second layer so that it gives additional splash coverage. As a war base, protecting storages doesn't matter but with your current design, its where it can be effective. IMHO spring traps work better if placed.

Hey, clasher! In this article, I will be sharing with you 12 most defensive TH8 war base layouts for clash of clans. If you are looking for strong and defensive town hall 8 war base layouts which can defend most aggressive attack strategies of th8 like Dragon, GoWiPe, so then this article has been written for you. Kyoukai is one of the best TH8 War Base layouts that I have ever used since the April 2015 update. This base was designed by macstinger, one of my favorite Clash of Clans base designer. It has Anti-Dragon/GoWi/Hogs and plenty of other features. and plenty of other features.

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